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Apartments rent Odessa

Actual apartments in Odessa on our site.

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Discounts for apartments in Donetsk

Spring discounts on apartments in Donetsk. How to get 25% discount on accommodation in apartments?

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Booking apartments

The main points on which need to pay attention when booking apartments.

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The basic policies in the apartment

Conventional rules and living conditions in the apartments for rent. List of required duties and requirements. Apartments, as well as hotels, have similar rules rentals. This list includes the major provisions:

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How to increase the number of views?!

As it is known the framework of our customers in two ways adding apartment: "standard" and "top+". What's the difference? In fact, two of such differences. First - it is visual. Apartment "top+" differs from the standard offer in red box, there is a label "top+" and the location of the "standard" category, which is a much more effective. This section contains the most popular apartments in its class. Second - it is profitable. Our analytics data suggest, that the apartments placed in this version has more hits on average by 25-30%, with little difference in cost compared to standard offerings. By increasing the number of clicks on your add, you will get more calls respectively. 04.03.2013


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Kherson is filled with new apartments

Useful information for users of the site, we had an apartment for rent in the city of Kherson. This diverse proposals on both the value and number of rooms. Class apartments of the most inexpensive "economy" to the modern "premium" of the more expensive category. All located in the central part of the city and close to each other, allowing you to rent, if necessary, two or more at a time. More information can be found on the main page in the section for the city of Kherson, or select a category from the list of cities at the bottom of the site. 12.03.2013

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New apartments in Lviv

Our site Club Rent - expanding its capabilities in Lviv. We are gradually accumulating apartments, which have proven themselves in a positive way, meet the modern requirements of residence, relevant and competitive. Even economy class apartments are always in demand by students and people traveling on business. The credibility of the site is growing at the expense of a stable situation and the lack of a permanent replacement of one of the apartments on the other, and there is a gradual increase in the direction of the speaker suggestion list, similar to other cities. Rent apartment in Lviv hot offer from the category "TOP+", will delight our customers brightness unique design and technical solutions.


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Updated directory in Donetsk

Pay your attention to the fact that at the beginning of 2013 in the city directory of apartments for Donetsk, new premium apartments for daily and hourly rental. Of the five new apartments four are one-bedroom suites and two-bedroom apartment. Geographical location in the center of the city, on the street, Artema Shchors and near Donetsk "City" on the street Trenev. The number of apartments settled, is regularly updated and modernization, as evidenced by the appearance of the proposed sites for a living. Technical equipment at a high level, using modern solutions. The information provided about the apartments will help you make the right choice based on the criteria necessary for you.

Remember that rent apartments in Donetsk on our website without intermediaries.


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The important message.

In June 2012 the site was subjected to hacking, unauthorized partial copying of materials, lost access to work email accounts, was a short-term loss of access to the management of the administrative panel of the site. An attempt to access the hosting site for later copying or deleting.

Were taken extraordinary measures to preserve health. An internal staff changes. The ways of information leakage. In spite of this site is best retained its functionality.

Website continues its daily activities.

We would like to inform you that the site will not moved, have not changed anything in the name or address bar, and remains at:


Contact the mailbox: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact telephone number: +38-096-590-90-90


We have no relationship to any other varieties or modifications of the title.

Our only the correct address to the 2010 -,

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31.05.2011 We are 1 year old

May 31, 2010 launched an international project "Club Rent." A year ago we started making its first steps. During this year we learned a lot, with something for the first time confronted with something we continue to face every day, there were some good moments and difficult, but we continue to do what and started moving forward.

For its part, would like to thank all the apartment owners and users of our site for your friendship with us, for taking part in our lives, for the necessary criticism in the beginning, for his advice and pleasant reviewed at the end of the first year. A special thanks to friends of our site, which continue to support us and help us in every way from day to day.

p.s. Special thanks and best wishes to the owners of apartments in the city of Donetsk, Kharkov and Odessa. :)

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