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Moscow apartments
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Apartments in Moscow on the site "Club Rent" from the owners. Moscow - the largest megapolis, industrial, business and political center of Russia. If you need to daily rental of apartment or hourly, we suggest you select your desired option at the price, number of rooms, as well as by region: Central (CAD), Northern (NAD), North-Eastern (NEAD), East (EAD), South-Eastern (SEAD), Southern (SAD), South-Western (SWAD), West (WAD), North-Western (NWAD) and Zelenograd Administrative District. Moscow apartments (accomodation) - a good alternative, such as a hotel room, as often you have to actually choose from whatever is left at the moment and make a decision on the spot. On the site to describe flats the attached photos, what allows you to visually define a class, design, home appliances, furniture, etc. By contacting the owner, you can book as well as receive a discount from the owner, depending on the number of days stay. This site provides direct phone owners, as well as "Club Rent" - Rent of apartments in Moscow, without intermediaries.

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