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Site - apartments for rent Ukraine. Thematic online resource aimed at providing quality services to stay in the cities of Ukraine and a number of neighboring states. Each page of the site for any city contains a directory of flats in the form of a card with a brief preliminary information and guidance, plus illustrated listings with detailed descriptions, for example: daily rental cheap apartments. In addition, we draw your attention to a special search, where you can set the parameters you need and click "search". The system will analyze your request and will offer you a list of your search criteria. The main objective is to present the most useful information to users about the possibility of rent an apartment and have a complete picture of the selected option. Short term apartment rentals on our site rather convenient, because we were able to combine all the data together and for this purpose, each apartment with photos, address, a list and description of the equipment. You can also determine the location on a map using the interactive maps that will be helpful and useful to you during the choosing. The main criterion is the site for daily rent by owner. Thus, in each form there is a direct number of the host that promotes the best prices without the overpayment of intermediaries. If you are planning a trip in advance, our managers will help you find an accommodation and will offer you several similar options for your needs. Website - your reliable personal assistant.

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